Tech for Learning Initiative

What does meaningful 21st century learning look like? How can we maximize educational technology to more effectively support teaching and learning? How can we make learning more student-centered, while still helping educators balance their roles as leaders? If you’ve asked these questions, or others about how to get the most out of technology in the classroom, the Tech for Learning Initiative is for you!

The Jewish Education Project is inviting teams of educators from Tri-State area middle and high schools to join us for a Summer Institute, August 14th-16th. Through the Tech for Learning Initiative, supported by the Jim Joseph Foundation, school teams will work and learn together over several days in August. We will identify key challenges and opportunities that drive technology use, and the processes to implement educational technology that helps address them. We will also explore pedagogic approaches and theories behind integrating technology with learning. We’ll learn from each other and from leading experts in the field. Each team will create a plan for piloting new technology projects in their school. After completing the Summer Institute, schools will be eligible to submit applications for microgrants of up to $5,000 to help put their plans into action.

Applications for the Summer Institute are now closed.

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