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Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan

New York
New York
Benjamin Mann
Head of Middle School


A unique vision animates the Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan: to promote children's healthy development within an active learning environment, a supportive and caring community, and authentic Jewish meaning-making. Every school experience reflects the fundamental belief that, with skillful guidance and nurturance, children have a limitless capacity to grow and learn and thrive.

Two human capacities lie at the core of Schechter Manhattan's distinctive approach:

Active Learning - Children who are given meaningful, authentic material to learn, and who are guided to understand how they learn and thus to teach themselves and each other, become knowledgeable, skilled, and enthusiastic learners and, ultimately, successful adults.

Menschlichkeit - Children whose learning environment is imbued with compassion, generosity, and high ethical and personal standards become kind, responsible, and, ultimately, caring people.

Our award-winning curriculum, expert and dedicated staff, and world-renowned leadership ensure that this vision is consistently translated into reality across grades and subject areas. The most compelling evidence of how well our approach works comes from our alumni, who are making their mark in the best public, independent, and Jewish high schools in New York City, thanks to the lifelong habits and values they learned here.

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