Luria Academy of Brooklyn

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Luria Academy of Brooklyn

New York
Bryna Leider
Educational Director


Luria Academy is a nurturing, child-centered, value-oriented environment dedicated to academic excellence and Jewish heritage. Luria incorporates innovative teaching methodologies and state of the art technological educational tools. By exposing our students to a uniquely integrated Judaic-secular curriculum we offer them an extremely rigorous and high quality Torah and secular education. Above all, Luria fosters Jewish pride – Ahavat Yisrael – and a deep sense of compassion and commitment for all mankind – Ahavat Olam.

Our educational philosophy is rooted in a profound respect for each child as a special individual with a unique form of intelligence. By incorporating both the progressive Montessori and Dewey teaching methods and the traditional modes used by successful Jewish day schools, we aim to create a new model for Jewish education. Following the words of King Solomon, we strive to “guide each child on his (or her) own path” [Proverbs 22.6:]. At Luria, each child learns to think, observe, and reflect in their own creative way. Instead of teaching the correct answers, we teach our children to ask the right questions, leading them to discover the answers for themselves. Learning becomes its own reward, with each success fueling new discoveries. Most importantly, through the learning process students begin to build a framework for leading a meaningful life.

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