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  Vocabulary SpellingCity

Description: Vocabulary SpellingCity is a game-based educational website and mobile app used by students to build vocabulary, writing, spelling, and language arts skills.

General Curriculum Resources, Free Version, Elementary School (1-5), Middle School (6-8), English, Reading & Writing
  Explain Everything

Description: Explain Everything is an easy-to-use design tool that lets you annotate, animate, and narrate explanations and presentations.

Tools for Educators, Videos & Presentations, Paid, K-12
  Tynker Scholastic

Description: Teaching computer programming has never been so easy! This educator-friendly platform includes everything you need to get your class up and running in minutes.

General Curriculum Resources, Elementary School (1-5), Middle School (6-8), Technology & Coding, Free Version

Description: GeoGebra is free and multi-platform dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that joins geometry, algebra, tables, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use package.

General Curriculum Resources, Interactive Lecture Tool, Free, Elementary School (1-5), Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12), Math
  PBS KIDS Play!

Description: Use games to develop 35 essential skills your child needs for school, for Pre-K to 1st Grade


General Curriculum Resources, Learning Games, Paid, Prek & K, Elementary School (1-5), Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Reading & Writing
  National Geographic Kids

Description: National Geographic Kids inspires young adventurers to explore the world through award-winning magazines, books, website, apps, games, toys, television series and events and is the only kids brand with a world-class scientific organization at its core.

General Curriculum Resources, Learning Games, Videos & Presentations, Free Version, Prek & K, Elementary School (1-5), Science
  The Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access

Description: The Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access (SCLDA) uses all the Smithsonian offers to empower learners to explore their own interests and collaborate with others to bring ideas to life.

General Curriculum Resources, Online & Blended Options, Free, K-12, Arts, Science, History, Social Studies, World Languages

Description: Lino is a free sticky & canvas service that requires nothing but a web browser. 


Tools for Educators, Interactive Lecture Tool, Videos & Presentations, Free, Elementary School (1-5), Middle School (6-8)

Description: Imagine. Jewish wisdom, history, culture, values and lifestyle; presented via interactive maps, timelines and illustrations, photos, 3D walkthroughs, animations and video footage, accessible on iPads, laptops, desktops and smartboards.

Judaic Curriculum Resources, Online & Blended Options, Interactive Lecture Tool, Free, K-12
  Jones Valley Teaching Farm

Description: As interest in their on-site field and nutrition program has grown, they set out to provide teachers with a curriculum they could implement in their own classrooms and school gardens.

Tools for Educators, Free, Prek & K, Elementary School (1-5), Middle School (6-8), Science, Health & Nutrition
  Kids Wordsmyth

Description: An interactive, visual dictionary for kids.


General Curriculum Resources, Homework Help & Test Prep, Prek & K, Elementary School (1-5), Free, English, Reading & Writing

Description: Learn Hebrew at the speed of light! From Tel Aviv to Timbuktu, you can study Hebrew easily through a personalized method tailored to your own individual learning-style. No matter where you are in the world, Ulpan-Or has a program to help you learn Hebrew online.

Judaic Curriculum Resources, Paid, K-12, World Languages, Videos & Presentations, Online & Blended Options
  Card Kiwi

Description: Create flashcards for free, and then study with them online. The amazing part is that the flashcards will repeat based on the things you need to learn again. 


Homework Help & Test Prep, Free, Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12)

Description: A complete 21st century research and writing tool deserves a 21st century teaching tool to optimize its results. Bringing research, organization, and writing to one place.

Tools for Educators, Homework Help & Test Prep, Online & Blended Options, Free Version, K-12, Reading & Writing, Research Tools
  Smart Board Jewish Educational Database (SJED)

Description: This SJED portal, a project of the Legacy Heritage Foundation, contains a database of SMART Board lessons submitted by educators throughout the world.

Judaic Curriculum Resources, Free, K-12, History, Science, Technology & Coding, Arts, World Languages, Social Studies, Math, Blended Only

Description: Infuse Learning provides a platform by which teachers can seamlessly engage every student on any device. Make informed decisions at the point of instruction with real-time, student feedback. Infuse Learning isn’t limited by device or location.

Tools for Educators, Online & Blended Options, Free, Interactive Lecture Tool, K-12
  Activate Instruction

Description: Activate Instruction is a free online tool that gives K-12 students an enriched, personalized learning experience through playlists created and shared by teachers nationwide.

Tools for Educators, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Free, K-12, General Curriculum Resources, Videos & Presentations, Blended Only, Common Core

Description: Engrade accelerates achievement by enabling educators to connect the right learning resources to the right student at the right time.

Tools for Educators, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Assessment, Free Version, K-12
  Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy (LVJA)



Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy is a nonprofit online school of Jewish studies created by The Lookstein Center of Bar-Ilan University. Our team helps educators and families add depth, fun, and variety to Jewish studies. 

Judaic Curriculum Resources, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Paid, Online & Blended Options, Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12)

Description: ChronoZoom is an educational tool for teachers and students who want to put historical events in perspective. Use it to get a perspective of the extensive scale of time and historical events relative to what happened around the world. Become an author yourself!

General Curriculum Resources, Interactive Lecture Tool, Free, History, Elementary School (1-5), Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12), Social Studies