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  The Digital Citizenship Project


Digital Citizenship, Digital Literacy
  Discovering Israel through STEAM Careers (DISC)

Description: Rozzy's Discovering Israel through STEAM Careers (DISC) is a program for PreK-3rd grade classrooms.

Judaic Curriculum Resources, Paid, Prek & K, Elementary School (1-5), Math, Science, STEM

Description: Mimshak provides online curriculum on multiple subjects, including Judaic Studies in Hebrew and in English.

Website: (Note: Website is all in Hebrew)

Judaic Curriculum Resources, Supports Hebrew, Paid, K-12, Math, History, Social Studies

Description: MathodiX evaluates Math skills and understanding in real time. Students get feedback for each step of their solution , not just the final answer! This makes it much easier to understand their mistakes and improve their skills.

General Curriculum Resources, Online & Blended Options, Free, Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12), Math

Description: FieldTripZoom provides you with an online service that allows you to search, order, schedule and connect to hundreds of live interactive programs.

Tools for Educators, Paid, K-12, Social Studies, Arts, History, Science

Description: GrammarFlip is a free, interactive English grammar program containing instructional videos, practice exercises with instant feedback, and fun writing application activities.  

General Curriculum Resources, Free, Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12), English
  Jewish Law

Description: Jewish Law is sponsored by The Center for Halacha and American Law of the Aleph Institute.

Judaic Curriculum Resources, Free, High School (9-12), Halacha, Jewish Law

Description: LearnBop is an interactive learning system for K-­12 mathematics. LearnBop is the only math learning system that responds to a student’s answers step-­by-­step as a tutor would, helping students master math skills.

General Curriculum Resources, Assessment, K-12, Math

Description: BetaMidrash is revolutionizing the mobile Torah learning experience and has one of largest libraries of Torah and Jewish texts on a mobile device, with tens of thousands of English translations, and half a million connections between the texts.

Judaic Curriculum Resources, Free, K-12

Description: Combine handwriting, photos and typing to bring your projects to life. Add as much detail as you like with a variety of colors and fonts.


Tools for Educators, Paid, K-12
  Varsity Tutors

Description: Varsity Tutors has over 75,000 professionally written problems and thousands of distinct practice tests across 150 subjects. This includes subjects like history, math, foreign languages, and science for all experience levels.

General Curriculum Resources, Homework Help & Test Prep, Assessment, Free, High School (9-12), Math, History, Science

Description: Students can use bulb to create and publish portfolios and projects. Teachers can use bulb to publish lessons and collaborate as a class.


Tools for Educators, Assessment, Free, K-12

Description: Youngzine is a website where children can learn about current news and events shaping their world -- in a simple, engaging and interactive manner.

General Curriculum Resources, Free, Elementary School (1-5), Middle School (6-8), Social Studies, Science, Reading

Description: The Hebrew text of every psalm is accompanied by English translation, transliteration, and a basic explanation of the psalm's theme and content.

Judaic Curriculum Resources, Free, K-12, Psalms, Tehillim

Description: This app will enable students to create their own movies through a whole range of production features.


Tools for Educators, Videos & Presentations, Paid, K-12

Description: StoryJumper gives teachers and students  a fun set of intuitive tools for writing and illustrating stories. Students can write and publish their own books for free!

Tools for Educators, Free, K-12, English

Description: Learn directly from native speakers of the community via an integrated video-chat application. By doing so, students can practice language skills in a live conversation.

General Curriculum Resources, Free, High School (9-12), World Languages
  MathXL for School


General Curriculum Resources, Assessment, Blended Only, Paid, Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12), Math

Description: is a website where one can study Jewish History online.

Judaic Curriculum Resources, Jewish History, Free, Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12), History
  Crossword Labs

Description: Free, online crossword puzzle-making tool that also includes hundreds of searchable pre-made puzzles.


Tools for Educators, Learning Games, Free, K-12