Dream With the Jewish Ed Project at Prizmah

| By Tatyana Dvorkin


Prizmah will be hosting their 2019 conference around the theme “Dare to Dream” Sunday, March 10 through Tuesday, March 12 at at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis.

The Jewish Education Project will be represented by four of our staff; David Bryfman, Chief Innovation Officer and incoming CEO, Tatyana Dvorkin, Director, DigitalJLearning, Sara Seligson, Director, Day Schools and Yeshivot and Judith Talesnick, Director, Professional Learning and Growth. We are all excited to present, learn, and network with other educators.

If you’d like to catch our presentations on Sunday, Tatyana Dvorkin, will present a Lightning Talk on at 2:45 called Learning First – Dream Your Way to Meaningful Classroom Technology Use, and Judith Talesnick will host the Israel Education Collaboratory at 4:00.

If you’d like to meet us and chat, Tatyana will run a booth with the opportunity to try out some hands-on EdTech projects at the JSTEAM Lab hosted by Jewish Interactive. Join her to learn about how circuits, electricity, and LEDs can be used to teach about the Jewish holidays by making light up Purim masks, Shavuot decorations, and Hannukiahs.

All of us will also be available to meet at the conference expo’s Jewish Ed Project table. Do you have questions about bringing educational technology, student centered learning, and other innovative methodologies to your school? Set up a time to chat with us here!