How virtual reality and augmented reality can change how you approach field trips

| By Monica Brandwein, Educational Technology Consultant

Hi everyone! You may remember me from a previous blog post, but I want to reintroduce myself as DigitalJLearning’s new Educational Technology Consultant. I am thrilled to join DigitalJLearning and The Jewish Education Project team and work with all the educators in our network. I am also excited to be leading my first professional development at The Jewish Education Project office on Wednesday, Oct. 24, Learning Through a Different Reality: AR and VR in the Classroom.

I began my education career over ten years ago at the Museum of Jewish Heritage where I oversaw 250 educators and led tours of the museum exhibitions. After four and a half years, I moved into the classroom and taught kindergarten for two years at the Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns and Rockaway and then moved into the education technology world at HAFTR. I worked at Ramaz Lower School for the past three years as the Education Technology Specialist.

As a classroom educator, field trips have always been important in my teaching practice, especially with my museum experience. Working in EdTech, I always think about ways to expand students' view of how technology is used beyond the classroom as well as in the real world. I try and push their ideas of STEAM and think about how each part works together to create the “team”. One of the most successful experiences I had with my students, was a trip to the Brooklyn Robot Foundry. During our trip, students were able to apply what they had learned about  robots, design, engineering, circuits, and apply it in real life.

The world of VR and AR is making the idea of field trips like my class’s trek to the Brooklyn Robot Foundry a walk in the park. Teachers now have the ability to plan an adventure for their students without the hassle of planning, organizing, and actually leaving the building.

I look forward to sharing and exploring more of these AR and VR tools with you at the workshop next week. See you then!