STEAM Competitions for students

| By Rinat Levy-Cohen

Want to spice up your curriculum next year? How about having your students participate in a competition? We’ve gathered fun and challenging competitions from engineering challenges to art projects. I am sure your students would love to participate in one of these events.     



eCYBERMISSION holds STEM competitions for students in grades 6-9. Students can compete for state, regional, and national awards.  


Clean Tech Competition

This is an annual research and design challenge for high school students. Participants can work in teams of one to three students. They need to identify a real-world issue, explain and analyze the problem, and develop a solution that would alleviate the negative effect of climate change.


Google Science Fair

The Google Science Fair is a worldwide online science competition. Students need to form a hypothesis, test it, and present the results. Students in grades 8-12 can participate. Submissions opened in September and close in December.


Imagine Cup

This is an annual global competition for computer science and engineering students. In this competition, students team up to develop projects that intend to improve how humans live, work, and play.  


Doodle 4 Google

Every year students in grades K-12 submit their artwork to Google. The winners have their design featured as a Google Doodle. Sometimes Google provides students with scholarships and tech packages for their schools


Science Olympiad

This is an American team competition. Students in grades K-12 compete in multiple events about various scientific topics such as earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering.    


VEX Robotics

This is a robotics competition for K-12 students. Participants are given a challenge in which they need to build and program robots as best as they can.


World of 7 Billion

Students need to create a one minute video that discusses one of three global challenges: advancing women and girls, feeding 10 billion people, and preventing pollution.  


National Geographic Student Photo Competition

Every year National Geographic picks up to 30 student photos that best capture the spirit of adventure and exploration. Students in grades 7-12 are eligible to participate. All 30 finalists’ images are featured on the National Geographic Student Expeditions website. First, second, and third places also receive prizes such as camera bags.  


Games for Change (G4C) Student Challenge

Middle and high school students need to design a digital game that tackles issues in their community. Games are required to include digital storytelling and civic engagement.


National Math Bee

This is an online math knowledge contest for children in grades 1-6. Students need to advance through numerous stages in order to win. Starting in their classroom, schoolwide, district and state competitions, and finally in the National Math Bee Championship.


Vans Custom Culture

High schools can participate in this competition to submit a custom design of Vans around a specific theme. The winning school receives $50,000 to advance their art school program.