DigitalJLearning: A new adventure in my Jewish education

| By Gabriel Weinstein

My journey in Jewish education began as a toddler, when my parents enrolled me in a Jewish preschool. More than two decades later, I am still learning new things every day because of my strong foundation from my Jewish educational experiences. I am a proud product of Jewish day schools, summer camps, teen programming and adult educational initiatives. Every day, I rely on the lessons and friends I made through Jewish education.

I am thrilled to be joining DigitalJLearning and The Jewish Education Project as a project manager, digital content and communications. I am excited to work with teachers who are committed to their craft and dedicated to developing sharp and curious minds.

The bulk of my Jewish education took place in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. My teachers at the Gross Schechter Day School of Cleveland and @Akiva introduced me to the wonders of Hebrew language and the complexity of Jewish history and culture. As a college student at Ohio University, my Jewish education continued at Hillel and during study abroad experiences in South Africa, Germany and India.

The one constant throughout my journey from Ohio to India to New Mexico to New York has been Jewish education. I was the Jewish Heritage chair of my AEPi chapter and presented public lectures about Jewish history as a member of the Taos Jewish  Center in Taos, New Mexico. I worked with religious school teachers to build a new curriculum about Jewish trailblazers as a graduate student at Brandeis University. Jewish educational settings have always provided me with knowledge, friendship and  growth.

Over the next few months, I look forward to meeting the talented teachers, administrators and students who are part of the DigitalJ community. Do not hesitate to reach out to say hello ( and offer ideas for blog posts and newsletters. I am excited to work and learn with educational leaders committed to creating transformative Jewish educational experiences.