High Holidays Hebrew Resources

| By Rinat Levy-Cohen


The High Holidays are almost here! Soon we will all gather with our families to celebrate them. For children, there is nothing more rewarding than being able to show off their knowledge about the holidays at the table. We’ve gathered some Hebrew resources for your students to learn from.    


  • Have your students visit this website to learn about the symbolic foods we eat on Rosh Hashanah.
  • Here is an activity about piyyutim for Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah. Your students will be able to listen to piyyutim, learn how to sing them, and more.  
  • In this activity, your students can watch a video of two animated characters discussing the Shofar’s use in the past and in the present. The activity includes answering multiple choice and open-ended questions.



  • Send your students a link to this video to learn about Tishrei Holidays prior to class. Rinat Gabay, an Israeli children’s TV star, introduces young children to Jewish and Israeli traditions and songs.
  • Introduce your students to Muli and Tzumi, a contemporary Israeli children’s show. In this video the characters celebrate Sukkot and educate viewers about the holiday.
  • Are you teaching your students how to build a Kosher sukkah? Here is a video that explains the rules.
  • VIsrael, is a tool  designed to familiarize diaspora Jews with Israeli culture, history, and geography. You can find videos in Hebrew about the high holidays and how they are celebrated in Israel. You will need to subscribe in order to see the videos. Here is an introduction video.


  • In the month of Elul, prior to the High Holidays, it is customary to recite Selichot, which are prayer passages and piyutim that call upon a person to think about his actions. The "Adon Haselichot" was written by the Sephardic communities is one of the oldest and most well-known piyyutim of the Selichot. On this website you can listen to various versions of Adon Haselichot sung by Jews of different origins (e.g., Yemenite Jews).
  • Here is a collection of songs for Rosh Hashanah for young learners.
  • Here is a link to Sukkot songs sung by old times Israeli singers. You can play this mix for kids in K-12.
  • Here is a collection of songs for all Tishrei Holidays.