5 New EdTech Tools for Jewish Education

| By Rinat Levy-Cohen

So many wonderful tools debuted in 2018! We want to highlight thosewe think are perfect for Judaic Studies and Hebrew as a second language. Here are five tools you may want to consider using this Fall.



This website allows teachers to pose questions to continue classroom discussions at home. Students video record their responses and post them to the website. They can then see each others’ responses and consider different points of view. This tool is perfect for the kind of discussions that typically take place in Judaic Studies classrooms (e.g,, Beit Hillel vs. Beit Shammai). For the Hebrew second language classroom this is another great tools you can use to get students speaking Hebrew outside of the classroom.  

Google Arts & Culture

This website has a collection of visual and textual media from all over the world. But most importantly, it includes outstanding collections about Jewish history. Does your Hebrew curriculum include teaching about Israeli leaders? There is an exhibit about Menachem Begin. Students can use these images for a final project about Begin’s life and accomplishments. There are also collections about the history of various Jewish origins (e.g. Argentinian and Russian). Students can use available images, books, and texts to compare the journey each group experienced.

Waypoint EDU

This is a free app designed to create an augmented reality game with multiple choice questions. At the end of the hunt you can receive a PDF of your students’ answers. We love this app because you can create hunts in Hebrew! You can also have your students create hunts. The only downside is that it’s only available for use on Apple products such as, iPhones and iPads.


With Buncee you can create multimedia lessons, presentations, newsletters, and more. You can use this tool to spice up your Hebrew and Judaic Studies curriculum since it supports Hebrew letters. You can also share your presentation with your students and their parents. This a great tool to adopt if you’re flipping your classroom.


On Quizizz, like Kahoot!, you can create quizzes for your students. It has Gamification elements such as, leaderboards and a points system. Quizizz also allows teachers to create their own customized memes to add some humor to the learning. This tools also supports Hebrew letters.