STEAM Projects to Brighten Hanukkah

| By Yonah Kirschner, Project Manager, Digital Content and Communications


With all of its important ritual objects and powerful story, Hanukkah is the perfect opportunity for students to take their STEAM skills out for a spin (dreidel pun intended!) Through fun, interactive projects, your students can enjoy the festive season while unleashing their creativity.


Paper Circuit Menorah

With copper tape and LED lights, students can create their own functional menorahs and learn about conductivity. It’s a great project to encourage experimentation and “tinkering.”




Dreidel Challenge

Here you’ll find an exciting physics and engineering challenge for your students: Which shape will make for a dreidel that will spin the longest? All the materials you’ll need are listed here. Going through trial and error will teach your students perseverance and a “failing forward” mindset.




Scratch and Scratch Jr.

With this tool, young learners can experiment with the basics of programming. For a fun Hanukkah tie-in, ask students to code a candle-lighting animation or a scene from the Hanukkah story. You can even have students code their own Hanukkah holiday cards with help from this tutorial.





littleBits empower young learners to become inventors and teach engineering concepts. Here you’ll find two project ideas. One will have students designing their own littleBits menorah. The other project is more complex and uses both IFTTT and a cloudbit to make a dreidel that spins at sundown. Challenge advanced students to create new IFTTT formulas for both dreidels and menorahs.



Lego Menorah

These images of different lego menorahs will inspire students to create their own unique design. The great thing about legos is they can be used by both young learners and older ones. Teachers may want to have older students create a video like this one to showcase how they created their menorahs.



Rube Goldberg Machine

Inspire your learners to create their own Rube Goldberg machine with this video of Technion students lighting the Hanukkah candles using their engineering skills. Students can get more ideas from this behind the scenes video as well.


Scratch Jr. image credit: Wesley Fryer via Flickr (CC BY 2.0); no changes made.
Lego menorah banner image credit: Elijah van der Giessen via Flickr (CC BY 2.0); changes made.


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