Jewish EdTech to Dip Your Toes Into This Summer

| By Tatyana Dvorkin, Associate Director, DigitalJLearning Network

Summer is here and school is getting out, creating space for teachers to hopefully relax a bit, enjoy the outdoors, and take time to recharge. However, knowing teachers, many of you will also take time for some planning and learning over the summer. We wanted to suggest a few new educational apps that are trending this year to check out this summer. These can integrate nicely into Judaic studies classes when you come back to school in the fall!



First things first, strong Judaic studies students need strong Hebrew skills. Check out this tool for helping students brush up after a summer off and continue learning once school picks up! Memrise is an online language learning platform, particularly helpful for vocabulary practice. Memrise uses a lot of imagery and descriptive terms to help students remember words.



Duolingo is an adaptive language learning tool available for iOS, Android, and on the computer. Originally available only for individual use, it now has a classroom version with a teacher backend that allows giving students assignments and tracking the data they produce in the app. It can be a great addition to any Hebrew classroom helping to differentiate learning and tailor assignments to each student.



JiTap provides interactive content on iOS for everything from Hebrew language to Jewish holidays to gematria and more. Developed by the team from Jewish Interactive, these applications course modules can be a meaningful part of any Judaic studies classroom. JiTap is consistently producing new course modules to explore.


iThankYou - Modeh Ani

Another app from Jewish Interactive - this one is particularly well suited for younger students. This app is easy-to-use, colorful, and engages students with the daily Modeh Ani prayer using voice, writing, and images. The app encourages children to consider what they are thankful for every day. It is available in both Hebrew and English.


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