Digital Resources for Yom HaShoah and Holocaust Education

| By Yonah Kirschner, Project Manager, Digital Content and Communications

Holocaust Remembrance Candle


In honor of Yom HaShoah, we’ve collected digital resources for Holocaust Education that can engage your students on Holocaust Remembrance Day as well as all year round. We chose these resources specifically for their versatility, level of interactivity, and potential for student-driven learning. Whether you’re a tech-integration beginner or an experienced blended learning teacher, you’ll find these resources easy to implement in your classroom.


Yad Vashem
An essential website for any educator teaching about the Holocaust, Yad Vashem provides an entire International School for Holocaust Studies with online educational units on a variety of topics. Students can also watch survivor testimonies from various European Jewish communities and basic videos about the Holocaust in historical context. For teachers, there are educational videos to learn how to use Yad Vashem’s many resources in the classroom, including how to teach the Holocaust using photographs.


Facing History and Ourselves
If you’re looking for lesson plans complete with links to resources, then you’ll want to use Facing History in your classroom. Though the site is geared more toward teachers, students can also browse all of the different resources types since everything is very well labeled. Most useful for independent learners would be the Media tab, which displays audio, video, and images related to the Holocaust and surrounding time periods. For more directed learning, teachers could collect media from the website and place in into a Learning Management System for students to analyze.


United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Here your students will be able to research independently online in the museum’s online Holocaust Encyclopedia. One project example is having each student pick a particular topic to research and use the search feature to collect photographs, articles, oral history, and more. Then they can use those research findings to create their own museum exhibit on the chosen topic. In addition to the Encyclopedia, students will also be able to explore A Learning Site for Students as well as an interactive Holocaust timeline. Teachers can challenge middle school or high school students to participate in the History Unfolded project, in which students do their own research in a local newspaper archive and then upload their findings to the museum’s database.


IWitness from the USC Shoah Foundation
Designed for both educators and student-directed learning, this website gives your learners access to more than 1,500 life histories, testimonies of survivors, and eyewitness accounts of the Holocaust and other genocides. Along with the many videos, IWitness also provides activities with primary and secondary sources to encourage critical thinking. This website could work well in a flipped classroom or as the online component in a blended learning station rotation.


Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl
This iPad app is an interactive educational companion to Anne’s famous diary. Students are able to watch film clips, listen to audio commentary, explore historical timelines, and more. The full text of the diary is also available with embedded interactive elements from which students can delve deeper into Anne’s experiences and the historical context of her story.


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