Top 10 Places to Go this Summer for PD and Vacation

| By Yonah Kirschner, Program Manager, DigitalJLearning Network

We know it’s a myth that teachers have the summer off, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a blast in all the places you go for professional development!



Vegas1. National Conference on Differentiated Instruction, Las Vegas, July 18-22
This conference focuses on using technology to maximize differentiated instruction and gives you the option of following tracks for grade level or subject. Take a break from differentiating and do something different! See one of the hundreds of shows, the jumping fountain at the Bellagio hotel, or visit “Paris” and “Venice” (complete with gondolas!)






2. FlipCon 2016, Allen, TX, July 19-21
At this conference, you'll find great sessions whether you're a flipped classroom beginner or expert. If you’re flipping out and need a break, visit the nearby Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens or the Dallas Museum of Art.








Hollywood3. EdTechTeacher Summer Workshops, Los Angeles, August 1-5
These workshops focus on using iPads, Project-Based Learning, and makerspaces. We know you’re the star in your classroom, but here you’ll get the chance to see all the great movie stars at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And why not stop and see the iconic Hollywood sign too?








NYC4. GoogleDriveCore, New York City, July 25-26
These workshops will help you maximize the power of Google Drive in your classroom and cover the basics as well as add-ons and extensions. While you’re here, visit some of the best museums in the world, stroll through beautiful Central Park, and walk through Times Square before catching a Broadway show!






5. MasteryCon, Park City, UT, July 27-29
This fun camp-like conference focuses on mastery learning and formative assessment and also includes sessions on personalized learning and data-driven instruction. If you want even more fun, head over to nearby Salt Lake City to visit a number of museums, research family history, or tour around the beautiful Great Salt Lake.







Cape Cod6. Building Learning Communities Education Conference, Boston, July 20-22
This conference has it all from blended learning to flipped classroom and all the EdTech in between. Build your own vacation getaway in Cape Cod, which is just an hour from Boston!







7. Serious Play Conference, Chapel Hill, NC, July 26-28
Get your game on at this conference and learn about using games in education. Then get serious about your time off with a visit to the William B. Umstead State Park in nearby Raleigh.








Pool8. EdmodoCon, Live Streamed, August 2-3
Ok, we know this one isn’t in a destination, but there’s always something appealing about a low-key staycation and getting to enjoy the comfort of your own home. Tune into EdmodoCon to learn about how educators around the world are using Edmodo to personalize learning for their students.







9. Summer STEM Professional Development Week, Seattle, July 5-9
If you want to integrate STEAM into your classroom next year, don't miss this professional development opportunity at the EMP Museum. Then take a break and head over to the Seattle's most famous landmark, the Space Needle, for amazing views of the city!







King's Square10. Bonus international location! Google for Education Summit, Rothesay, New Brunswick, August 18-19
This summit will give you everything you need to know about Google Apps for Education. While you're there, drive just 20 minutes to St. John and explore the city!






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Images via Wikimedia Commons.