Need EdTech Help? Ask DJLN!

| By Gary Hartstein, Director, DigitalJLearning Network

Since first entering the Jewish day school scene in 2011, The DigitalJLearning Network of The Jewish Education Project has been supporting and advocating for online and blended learning. In doing so, we are often contacted with a variety of questions, such as which technology to purchase, which online resources to use, where to find quality professional development, and how to best implement blended learning. In past years, we’ve generally only been able to provide this service to schools we directly supported through our grant funding.

This year The Jewish Education Project is delighted to introduce our free educational technology support service for Jewish educators. Ask DJLN is a help desk for teachers, educational technology professionals, and administrators who have questions about integrating technology with learning. By completing a simple online form, educators can now receive on-demand help with the myriad questions that arise when considering how to best use technology as a learning resource for students. While the primary focus of DJLN’s work still remains on blended and online learning, we understand that the road to blending often begins with basic questions about using the right technology and online tools. And we’re ready to answer those questions!

We know that there are some wonderful online communities for sharing information. However, the one thing that’s been missing is an identified “place” for Jewish educators to ask their specific EdTech questions, and receive personalized, expert support. Ask DJLN is now here to fill that role. Teachers in both Judaic and general studies are being encouraged to embrace educational technology; DJLN is ready to support educators at Jewish institutions in all subjects. The virtual (online and phone) service is available to any Jewish school educator in North America. For local schools in the New York area, there are also some opportunities for face-to-face support, depending on the questions or issues raised.

The Jewish Education Project is excited to offer Ask DJLN to both the educators we support locally in New York, and to Jewish educators throughout North America. For more information, visit the Ask DJLN page on DJLN’s website, or send us an email at