8 Websites You Didn't Know You Could Use for Blended Learning

| By Yonah Kirschner, Program Manager, DigitalJLearning Network

Go beyond YouTube and blend the learning with these awesome websites!Blended Learning


National Geographic
With incredible photography, videos, and more, National Geographic is certain to engage your students in learning about the natural world.


Filament Games
Gamify your classroom and blend the learning with these awesome educational games on topics ranging from plants to outer space. Especially not to miss is the Reach for the Sun game, which involves students in the plant life cycle.


World Science Festival
Flip your classroom using all the neat videos, or inspire student research with photo galleries and cool infographics. The WSF also provides in-person learning opportunities for K-12 throughout the year, so keep a lookout or sign up for their newsletter!


National Jukebox
Give students a taste of history with this searchable database of historical recordings from the Library of Congress.


How Stuff Works
Satisfy the most curious in your class with these great videos on weird and wacky topics.


This award-winning platform will allow your students to learn a foreign language online or from a mobile device and will motivate them to keep on learning.


NASA Wavelength
Here you’ll find hundreds of online resources and activities for K-12 students interested in earth and space science.


Free Online University Courses
Ok, this is more than one website, but they’re all geared towards students in college, though that doesn’t mean your high school students can’t benefit. Challenge your advanced students to learn something new and totally different from one of these sites: Udemy, Open Yale Courses, Coursera, MIT OpenCourseWare, and HarvardX.