Our Highlights of the Year

| By Yonah Kirschner, Program Manager, DigitalJLearning Network

Top 5 Blog PostsSchool's out and summer is just around the corner! It's been a very exciting year for DigitalJLearning Network, so before you head to the beach, check out these top five highlights from our blog from this past school year.

  1. It’s Not About the Technology
    Well, if it’s not about the technology, then what is it about? In this blog post, Elisa Marcus, 4th grade teacher at the Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan, shared her thoughts on how technology supports personalized learning, but isn’t the main event.
  2. Video: Online and Blended Learning at the Epstein School
    This inspiring video featured educators and students from the Epstein school and showed what it takes to be a pioneer in blended learning!
  3. Top 10 Things That Inspired Us On Our #SAMISTIC Adventure
    DigitalJLearning Network partnered with the SAMIS Foundation and brought together a cohort of educators from Jewish day schools in Seattle, and took them on a two-day tour of Los Angeles area Jewish day schools to see first-hand how the schools integrate technology to support learning goals. In this blog post, Debbie Clement, Rabbi Emily Meyer, and Amee Sherer of the Seattle Jewish Community School (SJCS) shared their most inspiring experiences and bits of learning from the tour.
  4. Let’s Get Googly
    Ok, so this is actually a three-part series of blog posts, but we had to include it! Google Apps for Education (GAFE) have become incredibly popular and in this series DJLN’s Associate Director, Tatyana Dvorkin, gave an inside look at some of the more advanced features in GAFE that can take blended learning in your classroom to the next level. The rest of the series can be found here and here.
  5. Video: Jewish Values and Blended Learning: A Surprising Duo
    This video brought together two of our favorite things: Judaism and blended learning! We partnered with ELI Talks to present a Google Hangout on Air with Rabbi Yisroel Boruch Sufrin. In the video, Rabbi Sufrin explores five Jewish texts and uses them to support blended learning as an integral part of 21st century Judaic Studies.