Bringing the Maker Movement into Your Blended Classroom: Video & PD Guide

| By Tatyana Dvorkin, Associate Director of the DigitalJLearning Network

This past week, we had the pleasure of having Tikvah Wiener, Chief Academic Officer at Magen David Yeshiva High School, as our guest on Google Hangout on Air! She helped us explore the Maker Movement, which has been taking the education world by storm, and how you can bring it into your classroom. If you’re wondering how it enhances students’ education, watch the session at any time on our YouTube channel (linked below). Learn how this mode of Project-Based Learning (PBL) gives students a deeper understanding of how things work, including technology found throughout most modern schools and classrooms. For instance, in a classroom using the blended rotation model, students experience a mix of online and offline activities to learn important concepts in many ways. Employing some Maker Movement techniques is a fantastic way to add more dimension to your class repertoire and expand your students’ horizons

Additionally, through speaking with many educators in the Network, we know that educators and administrators within a school will get together to watch one of our videos and use it to inform a professional development session. Therefore, starting with this Google Hangout on Air, we are developing professional development guides to complement our asynchronous video sessions. In this guide, we offer framing and guided conversation prompts to use before and after watching the video as a group to deepen the learning.

We welcome your feedback on this new format in the comments below. Enjoy!

The Video

The Guide