Watch "The Simple & Effective Way to Use SOLEs (Self Organized Learning Environments)" With Jamie Mason Cohen

| By Faigy Gilder

On Tuesday, May 20th, at 11am ET, we held a Google Hangout on Air with Jamie Mason Cohen where he discussed the simple and effective ways to use SOLEs (Self Organized Learning Environments). He focused on the ways in which this model can ignite the imaginations of, the and creativity within, students of all ages.Watch the video below to learn more!

About the Speaker: Jamie Mason Cohen is a high school English teacher and Co-Director of Student Activities at TanenbaumChat in Maple, Ontario Canada. He was the winner of the 2013 Huffington Post-TED sponsored teaching contest, "The Sole Challenge." His unique implementation of self-organized learning environments (SOLES) was recently recorded and shown at TEDVancouver as part of a panel discussing the future of learning. This year Jamie has been invited to speak at diverse education conferences such as RAVSAK in L.A. and TEDx in Europe. Jamie's experience includes years working for Saturday Night Live in New York City, and also directing an award-winning docudrama, "The Barber of Kigali." This background helped Jamie create synergy between his passion for entertainment, arts and media, and his over a decade long experience as a teacher. Jamie has been able to generate innovative problem-solving strategies using new technologies for educators. He has written for academic publications such as "Jewish Educational Leadership" and blogs such as "Poetry Brain" and "Poetry Genius." He has been featured in the Canadian Jewish News and on His blog for teachers is He can be reached at



Follow along with Jamie using the slide deck below: