Watch "Blended Learning: Moving Beyond the Pilot"

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We were very happy to hear one attendee at last night’s "Blended Learning: Moving Beyond the Pilot” event remark that we had, “…four different panelists from four different unrelated places, and they were all aligned!” We were blown away when we heard the same sentiment expressed by at least five other people.

DJLN hosted a panel discussion last night at The Jewish Education Project’s offices. A packed room and a healthy online following learned together as four outstanding education experts shared their experiences and perspectives on blended learning. The audience was treated to many wonderful takeaways – too many to list in entirety. The discussion touched on a variety of topics related to blended learning. These included the role and importance of data, advantages of block scheduling, professional development considerations, leadership, school culture and supporting the changing roles of teachers and learners.

From high-level philosophical perspectives to sharing in-the-trenches experiences, our panel gave attendees a well-rounded view of what it takes to grow blended learning in their schools. A recurring theme emerged from the opening question through the last comment. To quote one of our panelists, it’s important to, “…know why you’re doing it.” Before growing an implementation, before beginning a pilot, before selecting resources and thinking about professional development, it’s important to know what the school is trying to achieve and how blended learning will support it. We couldn’t agree more.

For anyone who missed it or would like to see it again, we have it online and ready for you to watch at your own pace. You might even want to use it to model some blended professional development! So check it out and please take a minute when you’re done to share your feedback with us.