Leading and Learning by Example in the Blended Learning School with Sarah Blattner

| By Faigy Gilder

Yesterday we had a fantastic Google Hangout on Air with Sarah Blattner, Founder & Executive Director of Tamritz Learning. We learned about digital literacy and citizenship, the educator as curator, Open Educational Resources (OER), digital footprints, netiquette and safety, as well as copyright, fair use and Creative Commons. Watch the video below, and click here to access the valuable tools and resources Sarah shared with us.



About the Speaker: Sarah Blattner is the founder and executive director of TAMRITZ, a national digital badge learning network for Jewish education.  She is a fellow of the Joshua Venture Group Dual Investment Program, 2012-2014.  Sarah is an educator and technologist with over twenty years experience in public and independent school education, where she led numerous modern learning professional development initiatives within schools, statewide and nationally.