Blog: April 2014

Leading and Learning by Example in the Blended Learning School with Sarah Blattner

April 09, 2014
Yesterday we had a fantastic Google Hangout on Air with Sarah Blattner, Founder & Executive Director of Tamritz Learning. We learned about digital literacy and citizenship, the educator as curator, Open Educational Resources (OER), digital footprints
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Seeing is Believing: The Impact of a Blended Learning Immersion

April 03, 2014
Fast-forward to March 2014, where we bump into Hersh at the iJED Conference and we got to talking about our time together back in October. The trip made such an impression on Rabbi Hiller that we have to share it with you.
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Join Us on May 13th for Our Live Panel Event

April 01, 2014
Do you or a teacher in your school use blended learning? Would you like to grow your blended learning implementation across subjects or grades?
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