Digital Citizenship

Confronting Sinat Chinam: Resources for Teaching Digital Citizenship

July 11, 2017
How do we help our students understand the meaning of baseless hatred and how to prevent it?
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Digital Citizenship: News Literacy in 2017

January 31, 2017
Help your students tell fact from fiction with these online resources.
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Teaching Responsibility in the Wild West of Cyberspace

April 20, 2016
We blazed our trail by implementing a Digital Citizenship curriculum.
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Beyond the Newsletter: Improving Parent-Teacher Communications

February 10, 2015
When used well, technology can bring people together and help them better understand each other in real life. While both parents and teachers are striving toward the same goal...
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A Tale of Two Laptop Policies

December 08, 2014
Digital Citizenship, Digital Literacy, Netiquette, Samis

Using Social Media to Give Students Voice & Agency

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Leading and Learning by Example in the Blended Learning School with Sarah Blattner

April 09, 2014
Yesterday we had a fantastic Google Hangout on Air with Sarah Blattner, Founder & Executive Director of Tamritz Learning. We learned about digital literacy and citizenship, the educator as curator, Open Educational Resources (OER), digital footprints
Digital Citizenship, Netiquette, Digital Literacy, Tamritz Learning, Blended Learning, Open Educational Resources (OER)