DJLN Educator Spotlight: Differentiating in English Class with Jennifer Ohana

May 09, 2016
Blended learning is helping to differentiate instruction and empower independent learners.
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Data Power!

August 18, 2015
At ISTE I discovered the emergence of a recurring theme, which ended up resounding throughout my days in Philadelphia.
DJLN at ISTE 2015, ISTE 2015, ISTE, EdTech, Blended Learning, Data, Assessment

DJLN Educator Spotlight: Data, Differentiation, and Davening: Innovation in Judaic Studies with Rabbi Emily Meyer

July 27, 2015
Find out what blended learning can look like in a Judaic Studies classroom.
Educator Spotlight, Blended Learning, EdTech, Differentiated Instruction, Data, judaic studies, Jewish Education, SAMIS Foundation

How to Take Blended Learning to the Next Level

July 21, 2015
How can I use technology to collect data on my students that would benefit them as learners?
DJLN at ISTE 2015, ISTE 2015, ISTE, Blended Learning, EdTech, Assessment, Data, Differentiated Instruction, Personalized Learning