Blended Learning

Brains, Breaks, and Balance

July 09, 2015
At ISTE 2015 I was most excited for a session called Surviving the Digital Zombie Apocalypse.
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DJLN's ISTE 2015 Highlights

July 08, 2015
See what DJLN and network educators did at ISTE!
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The (Virtual) Heart of the Matter

July 07, 2015
Every now and then something comes along and reminds us of why we do what we do.
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8 Websites You Didn't Know You Could Use for Blended Learning

June 23, 2015
Go beyond YouTube with these awesome websites!
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Our Highlights of the Year

June 11, 2015
The top 5 highlights from our blog from this past school year!
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DJLN Educator Spotlight: The Power of EdTech with Liz Ebersole

June 09, 2015
Get an inside look at what it means to be both a teacher and an EdTech coordinator.
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DJLN Educator Spotlight: Flipping the Classroom with Randee Groveman

May 26, 2015
Randee Groveman’s teaching philosophy follows Robert Frost’s quote: “I’m not a teacher, but an awakener.”
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Playing Around at Games for Change 2015

May 01, 2015
DJLN's Tatyana Dvorkin took a few days to play and learn at the Games for Change conference in New York.
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Jewish Values and Blended Learning: A Surprising Duo - Video & PD Guide

March 20, 2015
This past week, we partnered with ELI talks to present a Google Hangout on Air with Rabbi Yisroel Boruch Sufrin on the topic Jewish Values and Blended Learning: A Surprising Duo.
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Schooling in Seattle - DJLN visits the West Coast

February 23, 2015
This year, as we continue working with our New York and New Jersey area schools, we are also expanding our work to other areas of North America.
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Top 10 Things That Inspired Us On Our #SAMISTIC Adventure

December 22, 2014
The DigitalJLearning Network (DJLN) and The Samis Foundation pulled together a cohort of 18 educators, two teacher-leaders and one administrator from each of the six Jewish day schools in Seattle, and took us on a two-day trip to Los Angeles.
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So Many Schools, So Little Time: The Power of Site Visits

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Watch Our Latest Video Featuring The Epstein School

September 16, 2014
In our latest video, we feature the fantastic online and blended learning happening at The Epstein School. Take a look at what makes Epstein so successful at using blended learning to reach their educational goals and learn what it takes to do the same.
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The Key to Quality Blended Learning? Ongoing Professional Learning

July 31, 2014
Attending ISTE 2014 in Atlanta, GA was an extraordinary learning experience and I am grateful that I was able to be part of it. We were exposed to so many incredible ideas and inspiring educators from across the country.
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Blending Math Class With Student Buy-In

July 29, 2014
The single most important thing I came away with from the conference and the DigitialJLearning sessions is the daunting but real understanding that my role in the classroom needs to change.
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Taking EdTech One Step at a Time

July 24, 2014
The ISTE Conference was an amazing and eye-opening experience for me. I am a change-of-career teacher. Coming to the profession late in the game, I assumed that I would teach math the way I learned math with pencils and textbooks and that's about it.
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Using Flipped Learning to Foster Deeper Learning

July 22, 2014
I quickly discovered that one never knows from where a useful nugget of information will come. I learned from new acquaintances while waiting for a presentation to begin and from old acquaintances with whom I rarely have time to discuss innovation...
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Answering Your Questions from Beyond the Pilot

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Leading and Learning by Example in the Blended Learning School with Sarah Blattner

April 09, 2014
Yesterday we had a fantastic Google Hangout on Air with Sarah Blattner, Founder & Executive Director of Tamritz Learning. We learned about digital literacy and citizenship, the educator as curator, Open Educational Resources (OER), digital footprints
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Seeing is Believing: The Impact of a Blended Learning Immersion

April 03, 2014
Fast-forward to March 2014, where we bump into Hersh at the iJED Conference and we got to talking about our time together back in October. The trip made such an impression on Rabbi Hiller that we have to share it with you.
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