Who We Are

Since 2011, DigitalJLearning has been helping Jewish day schools and yeshivot integrate online and blended learning into their classrooms. We believe that online and blended learning enhance the quality of education, and must work in service of academic goals. In the hands of a good teacher, online and blended learning can help to individualize instruction for all students, as well as provide students with access to learning opportunities that were previously unavailable. While online and blended learning remain our primary areas of work, we’ve now expanded our support to include helping schools strategically implement technology in support of learning, and develop solid foundations in educational technology integration.

An initiative of The Jewish Education Project with generous funding from the AVI CHAI Foundation, DJLN is currently working with communities and schools across North America.

While DJLN’s primary focus today is building community partnerships for professional learning, when the network was founded in 2011, we provided direct support to a number of schools. Find out more about the schools we’ve worked with here.



At The Jewish Education Project, we believe in the power and possibility of a great Jewish education. We work with educators, clergy, principals, and volunteers to create outstanding Jewish experiences for 160,000 children, teens and families in 800 programs in Westchester, Long Island, and New York City. We help educators develop new ideas, build strong networks, and nurture necessary skills. Together, we spark and spread innovations that expand the reach and increase the impact of Jewish education, so that more people experience the wisdom and joy of Judaism. The Jewish Education Project is a beneficiary agency of UJA-Federation of New York.


The AVI CHAI Foundation was founded in 1984 by Zalman Chaim Bernstein z"l. Since then, the foundation's mission has been and continues to be to strengthen Judaism, Jewish literacy, and Jewish tradition wherever his foundation was to operate—North America, Israel, and the former Soviet Union—and to sustain, enlarge, and enrich Jewish commitment to the State of Israel. As the foundation's work grew and its geographic reach broadened, Trustees and staff developed strategies appropriate to the regions in which they worked.

In North America, the focus has been to foster and nurture the energizing nucleus of the American Jewish community, by which the foundation means American Jews who are Jewishly literate, who view their lives through the lens of the Jewish religion and feel a deep connection to the world-wide Jewish people, with its center in Israel. Believing that the most effective educational vehicles to achieve this energizing nucleus are Jewish day school and overnight summer camps, the foundation has invested significantly in both fields. Fifty percent of AVI CHAI's spending is directed towards programs in North America.